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Find your family.
Learn their history.
Know who you are. 




Origins Genealogy Research is here to help!

Whether the journey into your family history is just beginning or you want to enhance your knowledge of established pedigree, Origins Genealogy Research is here to help you reach your goals.



  • Ancestor identification.

  • Lineage tracking.

  • Break through "brick walls".

  • Written proof using GPS* methods.



  • Written narrative of your family history.

  • Provides historical context.

  • Documented using GPS* methods.

[Chris is] an excellent researcher who has now worked on several projects for Who Do You Think You Are? [He] is ... part of a small group of go-to researchers, on whom our show depends when we need research done quickly and done well.

~ Annie Powers

Associate Producer

Who Do You Think You Are?

We have been working with Origins Genealogy Research to prepare a family tree for our children and grandchildren. We love learning about our heritage while working on this project!

~ Multiple Project Client

*GPS - Genealogical Proof Standard - The Board for Certification of Genealogists maintains a uniform standard of competence and ethics for genealogical practitioners called the Genealogical Proof Standard, or GPS. The genealogists at Origins Genealogy Research follow the Genealogical Proof Standard for all work performed, including research procedures, evidence evaluation, and genealogical documentation.

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