My Geographical Genealogy Chart

Recently I've seen a number of people post their geographical pedigree chart, so I decided put one together to show my own family origins. The geographical pedigree is a simple chart which shows the birth location (US State and/or Country) of a person and several generations of their ancestors, which each location assigned a unique color.

My chart shows I was born in Texas in Generation 1. Working backwards it has my parents in Generation 2, my grandparents in Generation 3, all the way to my great-great-grandparents in Generation 5.

In each generation the top box represents the paternal line while the bottom box represents the maternal line. So in Generation 2 the top box represents my father, born in Texas while the lower box represents my mother, also born in Texas. In Generation 3, the gold box marked "Minnesota" represents the birth location of my mother's father, while the purple box marked "North Dakota" shows where my maternal grandmother was born.

Within Generation 4 the blue box marked "Germany" denotes the birth location of my paternal grandmother's father, while the yellow box marked "North Carolina" shows the birth location of her mother.

Since each country or state has a unique color there's a clear visual representation of my geographical pedigree. A single color clustered together shows specific locations that impacted my origins over multiple generations or else shows that the families of my ancestors lived near each other at particular times. At the same time unique locations are easily identified, indicating location changes or migrations of my ancestors.

What's interesting to me is that I have always considered myself to be a Texan of predominantly German origins. Based on the chart it's easy to see why I think of myself as a Texan, but why in the world do I believe I have German origins? That is a whole different story and comprises a cool connection to history which I'll discuss in my next post.

#birthlocation #homeland #geography #Generations #heritage #pedigree

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